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“Powered By ExpressionEngine”

“Powered By ExpressionEngine”

“Powered By ExpressionEngine” is a search that savvy people can do on Google to discover websites running the ExpressionEngine forum software.If you’re thinking that the above sounds cool, imagine what it’s like to be able to automate it… There’s no need to imagine, check this site out!

Powered By Expression Engine

Powered By Expression Engine

Why would you search on “Powered By ExpressionEngine”? Quite simply because of backlinks. When doing a ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search you’ll get a list of 10,000′s of sites running the ExpressionEngine software.

Infact, you get so many forum results doing the ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search, that you may want to refine it further by adding “registered users” to the end, to cut down the number of results and hopefully just deliver working ExpressionEngine forums.

In which case the search command to use is as below.
“Powered By ExpressionEngine” ”Newest Members:”

This will then hopefully reduce the number of ExpressionEngine Forums that you get in your results and give you a more managable number of forums to start building your forum profile links with!

Of course, if you wanted to get specific and generate links with ExpressionEngine forums on .org, .edu, .gov, or perhaps even go country specific, by looking  for forums in certain countries then I could search with .co.uk and get a result list like this for example.


People then after they’ve done their ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search, can build their own list of sites that run on ExpressionEngine and go and join these forums and build link backs to their site.

Basically most of these sites that are returned on the search ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” will allow their forum members to post information about ‘them’ in their ‘profile’ page.

Sites returned in the ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search will have ‘publically viewable’ profile pages. This means that if you’ve joined the forum in question. after doing the ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search, your profile page can include links to your main website URL, deep link page, or even the url of the affiliate site that you’re promoting and that these links can be viewable not only by the public, but by search engine spiders!

Even better, when you’ve collated your own list of sites using the ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search, your profile page’s links can sometimes be added using keyword anchor text. So you could link your site in your profile; but more importantly you can link your site using keyword based anchor text, on keyword terms you’ve discovered to be target keyword terms for your site… All on your publically viewable profile!

It gets even better! Now once you’ve added your link back details to your publically viewable profile after doing the ”Powered By ExpressionEngine” search, you can then ping the various profile pages that you’ve created on the various forums and get these pages indexed even faster.

Soon the search engine spiders will be ‘discovering’ your profile pages that you have added your back links to and adjusting / boosting your site’s ranking on these keyword terms accordingly. All because you started off with a “Powered By ExpressionEngine” search!

If you’re thinking that the above sounds cool, imagine what it’s like to be able to automate it… There’s no need to imagine, check this site out!

“Powered By ExpressionEngine”

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