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site: .com “Powered by CNCat”

site: .com “Powered by CNCat”

site: .com “Powered by CNCat” is a search command used by those wanting to find potential link directories who are using the directory script named ’CNCat’ to power their site.

‘CNCat’ is a very popular directory linking script, used by 1000′s of web directories and therefore if you do a search in google using the command site: .com “Powered by CNCat” you’ll get 1000′s of potential mini powered link directories returned in the results.

site: .com “Powered by CNCat”

site: .com “Powered by CNCat”

By executing the site: .com site: .com “Powered by CNCat” search you can also build your own list for directories to add your link to.

Of course one thing to watch for when looking for link directory sites using the site: .com “Powered by CNCat” command is that many of these directories are non English speaking, but many do allow entries from non English speaking sites. Also not all are one way link directories, and with some you’ll have to return the favour by reciprocal linking back to the CNCat directory in question.

Nether-the-less site: .com “Powered by CNCat” searches may reveal some potential linksbacks to your site with good ‘pr’ value – depending on how much you decide the linkback is worth in terms of giving them a reciprocal link back is entirely up to you.

Of course, if you wanted to get specific and generate links with directories on .org, .edu, .gov, or perhaps go country specific and look for directories in certain countries then I could search with .co.uk and get a result list like this for example.


By using the site: .com “Powered by CNCat” command and it’s variations, you can build a list of web directories to submit to that are unique to you.

This could be part of a manual directory submission process that you go through to increase your site’s search engine rankings, by gaining additional backlinks on your chosen keywords to your site using the manual directory submission process to dictate the anchor text that sites use when linking back to you.

Hopefully by doing this post I may also catch a few visitors to Directory Submitter myself, who stumble across my site when doing a site: .com “Powered by CNCat” search themselves!

site: .com “Powered by CNCat”

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